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Sassy and Classic (Level 1 Training)

This is your basic training for beginners. In this course you will learn all of the foundational principals to the art of eyelash extension application. You will leave this course with the ability to apply lash extensions lash for lash, keeping them separated, applying them straight and with the proper amount of adhesive. Your goal with this course is to understand and master consistently safe and separated application.


1. Anatomy of the Eye and Lash

2. Health, Safety and Sanitation

3. Client Consultation

4. Set Up Preparation

5. Client Comfort

6. Basic Taping

7. Intro to Curls, Diameter and Lengths

8. The Anatomy of Adhesive

9. The Lash Artists motto

10. Practice and perfect lash “posture”

11. Demo Application (using ONLY ‘B’ curl .15 diameter)

12. Practice on Mannequin

13. Practical on Model

14. After Care

15. Marketing

Sassy and Chic (Level 2 Training)

This course takes the basics to the next level. Here you will understand how to troubleshoot everyday factors that do often arise. You will begin to understand how to get more creative with styling using different curls, lengths and diameters and how to navigate your application with more purpose. Your goal with with the Sassy and Chic course is to leave confident and even more creative with your daily applications


1. Review Level 1

2. Trouble shoot common problems

3. Explore Different Curls, Diameters and Lengths

4. Advanced Taping

5. Intro to ”Styling” based on eye shape and desired affect

6. Removing Lashes Safely

7. Safely Apply New Set

8. Retailing Product

9. Practice on Mannequin

10. Practice on Model

Sassy Intermediate Combo (Refresher course covering BOTH Level 1 and 2 for those who have trained with another company but want to tighten up their skill set!) Proof of previous certification required.

Sassy and Glam Volume (Level 3 Training)

This is the course you have worked hard to be ready for! Here you will learn advanced lash extension skills and will ultimately be introduced to the HOTTEST trend in the lash market ,”Volume Lashes”, brought to us straight from Russia in the summer 2013! Amber spent the entire summer of 2013 studying this new exciting technique that is changing the way eyelash extension will be done forever! Amber studied with Russian pioneers of the volume technique at Lash Boom in Chicago and multiple times with Russian Volume Master Irina Levchuk in AZ and Los Angeles, CA. Amber knows multiple volume techniques and has worked hard to perfect them and bring them directly to you! This course is not recommended for beginner lash artists. Pictures of current work will be required before joining this course.


1. Review Level 1 and 2

2. Troubleshoot

3. Intro to “Capping”

4. Intro to “Stacking” or “Multi-Lashing”

5. Multi Dimensional lashes (2D, 3D and more with multi-lash pick up and other techniques)

6. Intro to Hollywood and Infills

7. Lower Lashes

8. Corrective Techniques

9. Practice on Model

10. Marketing Your New Skills

Your Lash Mentor

Choosing to have a lash mentor is your opportunity to have an advanced and skilled lash artist hold your hand as often as YOU need as you work to develop you skills. Your lash mentor already has a thriving business of clients and is certified through Sassy Wink Academy as a talented, educated, safe and helpful teacher. You can work directly with Amber or be connected with a Lash Mentor in your area. Your lash mentor will answer all your questions via personal phone call, Facebook, email or Skype sessions. You may choose to have “shadow” visits with your mentor on a regular or as-needed basis (you shadow your mentor or your mentor shadows you for a day and provides hands on and in person feedback onsite.) Your mentor can help you quickly perfect your techniques so that you and your business can explode with success!

Let Sassy Wink Academy Customize a training and/or mentoring package that meets YOUR needs, budget and timeline for optimal success!

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Lash Artist Development

for Spa, Salon and Lounges

You have a business providing eyelash extension services, but finding qualified and highly skilled artists to work for you is no easy feat! You can charge the best prices in town, but without the talent of highly skilled and professional lash artists, you will not get repeat business. Sassy Wink Academy will bring advanced lash training on-site to your place of business and get your staff up to speed on their skills. This brings YOUR business more money and credibility in the end. Keep your clients coming back! Call for details and allow Sassy Wink to customize a Lash Artist Development package designed for your unique staff needs and business goals! +1-602-748-4277

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